Siomonn-Pulla-003-1024x683.jpgTraditional-Use-Study-2014-1024x683.jpgAs an experienced scholar, writer, educator, and practitioner, I am committed to innovative research and teaching grounded in social responsibility. My primary focus is on participatory and collaborative research, corporate–Indigenous relations, and alternative learning systems. I am passionate about ensuring that Indigenous cultures have access to adequate, appropriate tools for learning. An important aspect of my research is the emerging intersections between technology and educational programming, especially in the delivery of curriculum and programs to remote, rural, and under-developed communities.

 I am an expert in traditional and contemporary Aboriginal land use and occupancy. My goal is to support long-term, sustainable partnerships among Indigenous peoples, the corporate private sector, and government in pursuit of sustainable socioeconomic development. 
I have extensive experience leading complex research projects in support of comprehensive land claims, major resource and industry clients, and the public sector. I specialize in applied and collaborative anthropology, strategic policy work, stakeholder engagement, and developing, implementing, and managing complex research portfolios. 
Convocation 2017My experiences working with remote and developing Aboriginal nations within Canada, combined with my practical understanding of Indigenous governance and resource management systems, grants me an extensive breadth of knowledge of the environmental and socioeconomic impacts of major resource projects. I am motivated and energized by the prospect of applying my expertise to provide strategic-level contributions and practical, hands-on management in support of corporate–Aboriginal relations, environmental impact reviews, and traditional land use and occupancy
I also enjoy any opportunity to teach and interact with learners. I am thoroughly committed to fostering an environment where learners can explore ideas and think about problems in new ways. My teaching philosophy involves mentoring learners both inside and outside the classroom, encouraging them to take responsibility for their own learning and providing them with skills that are applicable to the real world. My purpose is to engage learners in the exploration, celebration, and implementation of ideas and innovation. 

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