Over the past two decades, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and progressive experience through my studies and professional career. Several advanced degrees have served as a solid foundation for performing in a variety of roles at numerous public and private organizations.
I am an anthropology and interdisciplinary scholar, and thought leader in matters related to Indigenous culture, social and economic sustainability and development. Specifically, the breadth of my practical experience positions me as an authority in the following areas:
·     Social licensing and major natural resource development projects
·     Indigenous land rights and cultural repatriation
·     Indigenous-settler relations
·     Technology’s role as a tool for educational programming and delivery
·     Language preservation and revitalization
My education has provided a very strong foundation of knowledge and credibility that effectively served as a springboard to prominent roles at highly regarded organizations. While the focused stream of learning at Trent and Carleton universities has proved invaluable, it is the quality and quantity of research on anthropology and indigenous communities, performed over two decades, that sets me apart from all but a few in possessing the highest level of expert knowledge in these areas.  The numerous organizations that have engaged me to provide insight, collaborate on solving problems, testify as an expert witness or speak at conferences, is a testament to the acknowledgement of my expertise in Anthropology, Indigenous studies and mixed methods research.



I graduated from Trent University in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Indigenous Studies. I continued my educational journey at Carleton University, where I earned a Master’s degree (Anthropology) and PhD (Sociology and Anthropology) in 2000 and 2005, respectively. Throughout my studies at Trent and Carleton, I pursued an area of study focused on Anthropology and Indigenous Studies, building upon my knowledge and expertise in this area. My choice of thesis and dissertation topics reflect a particular interest in the work of Frank Speck, the American anthropologist and University of Pennsylvania Professor, and its association with ongoing legal, cultural and disciplinary-based representations of Indigenous land rights.

·     Masters Thesis: From Advocacy to Ethnology: Frank Speck and the Development of Early Anthropological Projects in Canada, 1912–1920 

·     PhD Dissertation: Anthropological Advocacy? Frank Speck and the Mapping of Aboriginal Territory in Eastern Canada, 1900–1951


Professional Experience 

I pursued a career path that has leveraged my advanced education and passion in Anthropology and Indigenous Studies, while performing in key roles in the private and public sectors. At each stage of my career, I have had the opportunity to further develop and refine my capabilities in a wide range of functional areas, including qualitative research, strategic development, program and project management, and translating his knowledge and experience to students as a Professor at Royal Roads and Carleton universities. 


Academic Program Leadership

Siomonn Convocation

I am currently serving as the Program Head of the Doctor of Social Sciences Program (College of Interdisciplinary Studies) at Royal Roads University. I was appointed to this role formally in 2016, and served in an acting role in 2014. My service in this role is focused on the following areas:

·     Managing various aspects of the Doctor of Social Sciences program, while collaborating with the Vice Provost of the College of Interdisciplinary Studies and other university business units
·     Collaborating with program associates to design and deliver compelling and relevant doctoral programming 
·     Conducting research in areas aligned with my interest and expertise
·     Promoting the attributes of the university and program to prospective students.


University Professor

Scholar Practitioner

I have over ten years of experience teaching in a university setting, accumulated at both Carleton and Royal Roads universities. During this time, I have performed numerous functions to contribute to student and program success, while being aligned with organizational mandates. Initiatives have included:

·     Developed and implemented numerous interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate courses
·     Supervising curriculum development and review
·     Supervising graduate and undergraduate student research and theses/dissertations 
·     Conducted a wide range of original research
·    Actively participated in various university-wide committeeS 

As a Professor at Carleton and Royal Roads, I have taught 13 undergraduate and graduate courses, including seven related to Anthropology and Indigenous Studies and five focused on mixed interdisciplinary research methods.  



Siomonn and Kitselas

While employed by Royal Roads University, and in previous roles with the Conference Board of Canada, Public History, Carleton University, Pulla Consulting and RAD Futures, I have been very active in a range of activities that have served to uncover information and insights, and mobilize findings to engaged audiences.
I have led a significant number of highly sophisticated research projects over the past two decades, while collaborating, engaging and liaising with diverse stakeholder groups. My work has focused on complex social, economic and cultural issues related to indigenous communities. More specifically, areas of research have encompassed the following:
 ·    Social licensing – corporate/Indigenous relations
·     Indigenous title and rights issues
·     Environmental impact assessments
·     Traditional land use 
·     Education and continued learning
·     Community sustainability
·     Federal government policies
My intellectual investment and commitment to learn more about issues faced by indigenous communities, both historically and presently, has produced a large collection of compelling information and data. Insights gleaned from this body of work has proved valuable to a wide range of stakeholders, including indigenous community organizations, government agencies, and other public and private organizations. Whether via targeted reporting as an employee or service provider, or dissemination through publications, presentations or online platforms, I make a concerted effort to enhance the value of the work performed in hopes of contributing meaningfully to action and resulting in positive outcomes. 

Siomonn Pulla CV

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