Writing is one of my primary tools for communicating ideas and sharing my creative self-expression.Writer

As a scholar-practitioner, I have published numerous peer-reviewed articles and professional reports on a broad range of topics, including historical anthropology, Indigenous and treaty rights, the social impacts of major projects in Canada’s North, and innovative new learning modalities. Almost all of these publications are based on original research. Unfortunately, much of my original practitioner research on the history of Canada and Indigenous–settler relations will never see the outside of a courtroom due to issues of confidentiality and client-solicitor privilege.

I combine my rigorous scholarly training and research skills with my vivid imagination to produce creative fiction. I’m inspired by commercial writers like Neil Gaiman and Charles De Lint, Isabella Allende, Paulo Coleho, and Leslie Marmon Silko. I like to blur the line between fact and fiction, weaving the real with the unreal, drawing deeply on my anthropological expertise and knowledge of cultural tropes, symbols, and mythologies. True events, themes of the spirit, and mysteries of love, friendship, and the greater forces of the seen and unseen worlds deeply inspire me.

The last thing I do before going to sleep is write poetry—without rules or expectations. It has become a form of meditation for me. Some of this poetry eventually ends up as lyrics in songs that I write.My dream as a writer is to work with an agent and a host of editors to realize the potential of my creative vision in both fiction and scholarly writing in print and other media.

Raven’s Key: A Novel

Raven’s Key: A Novel My first e-novel is a fast-paced quirky new-age adventure story with a most unlikely cast of characters. An ancient Sumerian King has hired a shape shifting Raven to steal sacred objects from museum's around the wo [...]

Tarantella: A Love Story

Tarantella: A Love Story Two men, one woman, and an ancient and dangerous Italian tradition. The strong bond between First Class Italian Air Force Mechanic, Marco Delgobo, and Canadian Private Peter McMillan, is tested by the power of love a [...]

A Quiet Sanctuary: A Collection of Poems
A Quiet Sanctuary

A Quiet Sanctuary: A Collection of Poems This collection of thirty-two poems represents over twenty years of writing. Much of my early poetry is about love and the natural world; and as I’ve aged my poems continue to be about love and th [...]

Old Routes

Old Routes   Send meto a deep grey sky,and let me wanderamongst birch and poplaron silent shores. I like to contemplatethe essenceof falling snow;those intricate patternsin a complex fieldof fluid shapesand shining embers. I`ll contin [...]

Shadows On a Distant Highway

Shadows On a Distant  Highway   In black spruce countrydreaming of snowswirling throughthis passing landscape of thoughtand fragmentsof rivers past. I’m a strangerjourneying with theseshifting emotions,swimming in reservoir [...]

My Dear Friend

My Dear Friend   We met somewhere between time and love; my heart ached every time I looked into your dark eyes, full of pain and sadness. There was a joy, a spark of hope, a connection across the room of  time and adventure, of [...]

Bits of Animal
bits of animal

Bits of Animal     Last nightI pulleda smalljaw-boneout of mymouth,bits of animalspeakingin pieces. A carved awlof caribou antlerdreamingthroughmy mouth,as if itwas tryingtostichthesefragments ofbeing back together. The toothofan [...]

Smile my Son
Long beach tofino

Smile my Son   Smile my son. Feel the embrace of silence guide your heart and ease your pain, the suffering of memories past. In love we move forward, like a wave upon the sand, erasing the smudges of time’s last breath. If we s [...]

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