My purpose as a scholar is to engage, inspire, and empower people to create social change. My research grows out of this commitment to social responsibility, with an emphasis on translating abstract theories and concepts into tangible ideas, practical solutions, and accessible knowledge. I have built a strong foundation in the history and current practices of participatory and collaborative research, and am respectful of the unique and varied perspectives of knowledge keepers and epistemological traditions.

An important aspect of my current research is the emerging intersections between technology and educational programming, especially in the delivery of curriculum and programs to remote, rural, and under-developed communities; and in support of Indigenous language revitalization efforts. I am particularly interested in the use of mobile learning tools and pedagogies as new approaches to curriculum design and delivery, as well as in the role of serious educational gaming and the emerging use of augmented reality tools to enhance culture-based and experiential learning.

The broad areas of my scholarly research and expertise include interdisciplinary teaching and research with an emphasis on the broad areas of Indigenous issues, corporate–Indigenous relations, collaborative and participatory research, mobile learning, Canadian studies, human rights, governance, collaborative and legal anthropology, advocacy and applied anthropology, and colonial and post-colonial studies. I have worked extensively in the area of Indigenous-Settler relationships in Canada and am committed to continuing the ethical and respectful exploration of these nuanced histories, present day complexities, and future possibilities. 

Video: Research in Action
Siomonn Research in Action

Video: Siomonn discussing research in action  “Research affects families and individuals and nations. These are people’s lives, these are generations.” Assoc. Prof. Siomonn Pulla on the role of the researcher in post-col [...]

Video: Siomonn's Research Portfolio 2018
Siomonn Pulla Research 2018

  Siomonn shares some of his British Columbia specific research projects and interests for 2018.

The transition from discipline-based scholarship to interdisciplinarity: Implications for faculty
International Perspectives

The transition from discipline-based scholarship to interdisciplinarity: Implications for faculty   The Doctor of Social Sciences (DSocSci) program at Royal Roads University, Victoria, British Columbia (BC), Canada, is now in its six [...]

Video: Siomonn talks about his approach to research
Siomonn Pulla talks research

Siomonn Pulla discusses his approach to collaborative research as a scholar-practitioner.  

A Redirection in Neo-Evolutionism

A Redirection in Neo-Evolutionism?: A Retrospective Analysis of the Algonquin Family Hunting Territories Debate   This article explores the intellectual networks and debates within anthropology that maintained considerable influence on t [...]

Regional Nationalism or National Mobilization

Regional Nationalism or National Mobilization? A Brief Social History of the Development of Métis Political Organization in Canada, 1815-2011   This chapter builds on Joe Sawchuk’s substantial contributions to the field of M [...]

Resisting Regulation

Resisting regulation: Conservation, control and controversy over Aboriginal land and resource rights in eastern Canada, 1880-1930   During the turn of the twentieth century, the land continued to provide the practical, historical, and s [...]

Critical Reflections on (Post)colonial Geographies
Human. Organization

Critical Reflections on (Post)colonial Geographies   This paper I examine the tensions between mapping as a practice of nation building and the practice of applied anthropology and “counter-mapping” in Canada during the early [...]

Mobile Learning and Indigenous Education in Canada

Mobile Learning and Indigenous Education in Canada: A Synthesis of New Ways of Learning   One of the areas of research I am really interested in right now is the intersection between education and technology and especially in the possibili [...]

Mobile Learning and Indigenous Education in Canada: A Synthesis of New Ways of Learning
International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning

Mobile Learning and Indigenous Education in Canada: A Synthesis of New Ways of Learning   This article explores how  M-Learning holds great potential for supporting the positive educational outcomes of underserved Indigenous communiti [...]

Pipeline Politics and Indigenous Engagement: What We Can Learn from the 1970s
No pipeline

Pipeline Politics and Indigenous Engagement: What did we learn from the 1970s? Almost forty years later, the practical conclusions of Justice Thomas Berger’s 1977 Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry are increasingly relevant to current and [...]

Exploring the Possibilities of Corporate-Indigenous Relations as a Strategy for Decolonization

Exploring the Possibilities of Corporate-Indigenous Relations as a Strategy for Decolonization and Reconciliation The resource sector is uniquely dependent on positive relationships with northern Indigenous communities. And the corp [...]

Responsible Resource Development Indigenous Rights

Responsible Resource Development, Indigenous Rights and Social Engagement: A Synthesis of Knowledge    This report provides a synthesis of existing research knowledge relating to “social licensing” and corporate-Indigeno [...]

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