I enjoy any opportunity to teach and interact with learners. I am thoroughly committed to fostering an environment where learners canEducator
explore ideas and think about problems in new ways. My teaching philosophy involves mentoring learners both inside and outside the classroom, encouraging them to take responsibility for their own learning and providing them with skills applicable to the real world. My purpose is to engage learners in the exploration, celebration, and implementation of ideas and innovation.

I greatly value the opportunity to guide discoveries in the classroom and to work with learners individually as an advisor and mentor. As a professor working in the university environment, I actively mentor and assist graduate students with thesis-related projects, including offering technical suggestions and ideas as well as helping students refine and explain their projects, ensuring their research methods fit their projects, addressing any potential ethical issues, and helping them make connections outside the university in support of their fieldwork. I encourage all my students to be as efficient and comprehensive as possible with their projects.

I develop my courses with the overarching goal of encouraging learners to become more engaged in their own learning process. My classroom is structured in a highly participatory manner so that all learners are involved in class discussions; for some, this means being prepared to share their ideas with their classmates, and for others, it means coming to class prepared to listen. I integrate inclusive learning techniques, such as teaching circles, that help students develop a sense of trust and mutual respect and serve to break down the power dynamics between professor and learners.

I believe that innovative approaches to learning help foster the transfer and sharing of knowledge.My teaching philosophy is anchored in providing learners with skills that are applicable to the real world. I teach the skills required to become a good researcher, analyst, or project manager. I present theory, models, and abstractions that underlie the many interdisciplinary fields in social sciences, and then anchor these concepts in the practice of research, writing, and the application of critical thinking. 

I believe that effective teaching engages educators and learners. This requires developing and supporting innovative, socially responsible methods of teaching and learning that balance the transfer of knowledge with an inclusive learning environment and the use of new technologies.

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Siomonn Pulla