Podcast: Aboriginal People and Resource Conflicts in Canada


PodcastIn this archival podcast, Dr. Sean Kheraj, Associate professor in the Department of History at York University, explores  a case study of resource conflict in the Temagami region of northeastern Ontario.  He features an interview with Dr. Jocelyn Thorpe,  Associate Professor, University of Manitoba, Women's and Gender Studies, and an interview with Dr. Dorothee Schreiber and Myself.  In our interview, with Sean, Dorothee and I discuss historical environmentalism and the International Wanapitei Aboriginal History and Politics Colloquium . 

For many years, Dorothee and I organized this unique event in Temagami Ontario at a rustic, off-grid,  historic canoe camp on the shores of  Lake Temagami in Northern Ontario. The event provided an important opportunity for scholars, practitioners, students, Indigenous Elders and community members, to come together for 4 days to share their knowledge and expertise, and participate together in experiential learning on the land as part of this unique non-traditional academic conference.  

Dr. Stephen Hill, Trent University, now organizes the colloquium, with a continued emphasis on exploring our understanding of the land with a focus on the study of Canadian, environmental, and Indigenous issues.


Check out the full podcast here: Nature’s Past Episode 08.  Forward to 23.09 minutes for the interview with Siomonn and Dorothee.

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Siomonn Pulla