A Redirection in Neo-Evolutionism?: A Retrospective Analysis of the Algonquin Family Hunting Territories Debate


Histories-of-Anthropology-Annual-200x300.jpgThis article explores the intellectual networks and debates within anthropology that maintained considerable influence on the practical and theoretical aspects of Frank Speck’s intellectual development and the broader debates around the notion of Algonquian family hunting territories in anthropology. In particular, I explore how the early debates around the family hunting territory concept reflect key redirections in neo-evolutionary theory during the 1930s and ultimately suggest a proleptic methodological modernism in anthropology. The result is a useful and engaged history of the development of the main arguments in the hunting territories debates from 1915 to 1939.




Pulla, S. (2011). A redirection in neo-evolutionism? A proleptic examination of the Algonquin Family Hunting Territories debates. Annals of Anthropological History. DOI: 10.1353/haa.2011.0003

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Siomonn Pulla