My Dear Friend


Dusty on Watch

We met somewhere between
time and love;
my heart
every time I
looked into
your dark eyes,
full of pain
and sadness.

There was a joy,
a spark of hope,
a connection
across the room
of  time and adventure,
of  loyalty
paths  we needed to walk.

There were tears of fear and
the filth and mess
of broken promises
and dark
behind curls of sunshine and shards of night;
raging against hidden
veils of truth.

But we soared together through
these nightmares,
and found dreams of joy:
a second chance for me
and a third life for you.

In love we conquered
and renewed our tired old spirits
through breath,
a deep expanse of ocean
cold like snow on a spring morning.

my dear four-legged friend,
run into
the light,
your heart is now so beautiful
and pure once more,
full of memories
of water and trail,
of those deep silent moments
together in pain
and joy;
my dear friend
I’ll miss you.
Wait for me there
on the edge of the universe
and one day we’ll walk together once more,
this time into a field of stars.

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Siomonn Pulla