Regional Nationalism or National Mobilization? A Brief Social History of the Development of Métis Political Organization in Canada, 1815-2011


metis-in-canada1.jpgThis chapter builds on Joe Sawchuk’s substantial contributions to the field of Métis studies and John Weinstein’s more current examination of Métis nationalism. It examines the relationship between the historic establishment and contemporary organization of Métis associations and their intensification during the late 1800s and early 1900s. I explore the development of Métis organizations in response to historical circumstances, cultural survival, and political necessity. The chapter also  highlights the shift from early pre-confederation Nation-to-Nation Métis relations to relationships based on the framework of the Indian Act that begin to emerge during the mid-1800s.

This chapter combines my years of professional experience working  on Indigenous policy related research with my extensive scholarly background teaching and presenting on issues related to the history of Indigenous-Settler relationships in Canada. 


Pulla, S. (2013). Regional nationalism or national mobilization? A socio-political analysis of the history of the development of Métis political organization in Canada, 1815–2005. The Métis in Canada. Chris Adams (Ed.). University of Alberta Press.

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Siomonn Pulla