Tarantella: A Love Story

Tarantella 2edTwo men, one woman, and an ancient and dangerous Italian tradition.

The strong bond between First Class Italian Air Force Mechanic, Marco Delgobo, and
Canadian Private Peter McMillan, is tested by the power of love and the magic of two
very old witches in an ancient medieval village in the foothills of Molise Italy. The two
men must escape the retreating Nazi occupation of Italy and face death to win the
heart of Limosano's beautiful Carmella.

Tarantella: A Love Story was inspired by the true story of my grandfather, Arturo Pulla. I never had the opportunity to meet my grandfather; he died tragically of a heart attack in his early 40s, before modern medical science had perfected triple-bypass open-heart surgery. As a child, I listened to his brothers telling stories about Nonno Arturo.Tarantella: A Love Story is set in post-WWII Italy in the small Molise village of Limosano. I took some creative license with the story and added in a Canadian element true to my academic background in Canadian studies. Originally was written as a screenplay, I later adapted Tarantella as a novella. It’s a fun, quick read with historical elements and a dash of magic realism.

Download for free here.

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