Raven’s Key: A Novel

Ravens Key 2ed

My first e-novel is a fast-paced quirky new-age adventure story with a most unlikely
cast of characters. An ancient Sumerian King has hired a shape shifting Raven to steal
sacred objects from museum's around the world. A Museum curator and her assistant,
a young anthropology graduate student, discover that they are running out of time in
this quest to restore the ancient balance of light and dark forces. Together with
members from the ancient Council of Light, they must track down the shape shifting
Raven, locate the stolen objects and return them to the council. Nearly out of time,
they must journey to discover the key to unlocking humanity's shift into the new
consciousness of 2012.

Raven's Key examines the ongoing and mythological tropes associated with shifts in
human consciousness and the power of love to heal and affect change. The trope of
2012 as the next Armageddon inspired me to write this novel. I was fascinated by the
hordes of New Age hipsters cashing in on the fear and insecurity of humans around the
world. I’m also intrigued by conspiracy theories and black ops. Whitley Strieber’s Communion had a deep and lasting impact on me—not in a fearful way, but as a conscious seeker of the unknown. It sparked an ongoing fascination with the role of extraterrestrials in the collective consciousness. Raven’s Key explores some of these notions. This novel began as images that I eventually formed into words and sentences. The message is simple and resounding: Love conquers fear. This is something I’ve personally experienced, and it is a belief that people around the world
are embracing in these crazy times.

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Siomonn Pulla